New laser treatment for glaucoma needs support

The LEI’s Physiology and Pharmacology group is developing an ever better technique to improve outcomes or patients experiencing high intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma.

They are looking to high energy lasers to cut a new drainage channel or channels to permanently lower the pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients.

Advantages of this approach include that no implant is required – avoiding potential tissue rejection, the drainage pathway utilises the natural drainage pathways of the eye, the small scale of the channel(s) means that excess drainage of fluid can be avoided and retreatment is possible if required, thus allowing optimum pressure to be attained.

The research team have already completed much of the background work. The challenge now is to optimise the laser and delivery system to allow clinical trials to commence. This will require technical improvements to the equipment to make it robust, portable and suitable for use in a clinical environment.

A successful clinical trial would open up the pathway to commercial development and the introduction of a improved treatment for glaucoma worldwide.

The LEI needs donations to fund the project – specifically employing a skilled laser engineer over a three-year period at a total cost of $360,000.

For more information please contact us 9381 0777.