Give the gift of sight

Bill remembers feeling fear. He could no longer read the paper, the menu at the local restaurant, or even drive.  A passionate wildlife conservationist, everything Bill lived for was slipping away.

Now Bill has been given the gift of sight through the Lions Eye Bank, Western Australia’s only provider of donated eye tissue for transplantation. In state-of-the-art surgery, Bill received corneal transplants in both his eyes. Bill was so grateful for the precious gifts he received. Unfortunately, the graft in his right eye failed, requiring a third surgery early this year.

Corneal transplants are changing lives, but the reality is they can potentially fail. Researchers at the Lions Eye Institute are exploring ways to improve the longevity of corneal grafts. Your support can help us continue funding research that can improve treatments available to people like Bill. Read more about Bill’s journey and donate today.

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