Better Vision For All

Better Vision For All

Spanning innovative ophthalmic care, research and community outreach.

Since its establishment in 1983, the Lions Eye Institute has become recognised as a global centre for quality eye care and scientific research into the treatment and prevention of blindness.

From small beginnings, we are now one of Australia’s largest ophthalmology clinics, with approximately 60,000 patient visits annually.

Supported by state-of-the-art technology, equipment and facilities, our ophthalmologists, all of whom are sub-specialty trained, and clinical staff provide the highest levels of care for our patients.

Our team of highly experienced eye specialists, award-winning researchers and allied health professionals drive the Lions Eye Institute’s continually expanding operations through their commitment to preventing blindness and treating eye disease.

At purpose-built sites in Nedlands, Murdoch, Midland and Broome, we treat the full spectrum of eye conditions, offering consultation and surgery through the latest diagnostic and imaging equipment, and theatre procedures.

The new Kimberley Hub in Broome is playing a key role in revolutionising the provision of eye health care across the Pilbara and Kimberley regions, while Lions Outback Vision sees patients right throughout Western Australia.

Performing around 8,000 surgeries annually, our Day Surgery Centre in Nedlands offers vitrectomy, cataract micro-surgery and lens implantation, plastic surgery of the eyelids, ptosis repair, pterygia, conjunctival grafts and corneal grafts.

The Lions Eye Institute’s vast array of research and clinical operations have prompted the development of new surgical techniques and eye health treatments. Several of these have been, or are being, translated into commercial products.

As our operations continue to grow and expand, we expect to see increasing commercialisation of our research and treatment activities, making state-of-the-art therapies available to as wide a range of patients as possible.

Our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan outlines five strategic goals:

  1. Medical Breakthroughs. We will continue to invest in world-class medical research and its translation into clinical practice.
  2. Eye Healthcare. We will continue to innovate and expand our leading-edge ophthalmology services, nationally and globally.
  3. Social Impact. We will continue to grow our community footprint through excellent outreach and innovative education approaches.
  4. Digital Capacity. We will continue to transform and future-proof our organisation through clever use of technologies.
  5. Operational Excellence and Governance. We will continue to operate with a unified direction, leadership and culture.

Lions Laser Vision

The first and foremost refractive centre in Western Australia, our Lions Laser Vision Centre leads the way in the adoption of cutting-edge refractive laser treatment. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis), the gold-standard of laser refractive surgery, is used to correct all forms of refractive error.

Lions Outback Vision

Born from the conviction that high quality eye care should be available to all Australians regardless of where they live, Lions Outback Vision takes the clinic to the people.

Once WA’s rural, regional, remote and Indigenous populations could only access eye care in Perth or in major regional centres – involving expensive travel and accommodation. Now, through the Lions Outback Vision Van, with its three fully equipped ophthalmic surgeries, more patients from all over the state receive faster and better diagnoses and treatment in situ.

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Lions Optics

Lions Optics offers the full range of optometric services, with part proceeds directly supporting the Lions Eye Institute’s research.

Services include comprehensive eye testing by qualified optometrists and supplying a wide range of glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids.

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Lions Eye Bank

Our Lions Eye Bank, established in 1986, is the only Western Australian facility that coordinates the collection, processing and distribution of eye tissue for transplantation.

All donor tissue is used either for transplantation, ethically approved research or surgical training, with consent from the donor’s family.

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Clinical Trials Centre

Our Clinical Trials Centre, where new treatments and technologies for major eye diseases are tested, is one of the largest ophthalmological clinical trials research centres in the world.

All trials run by the group are subject to stringent national and international regulations and guidelines.

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