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The science of vaccination – a free online event

Have you received your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or still deciding on whether to get vaccinated? Are you wondering how vaccines work, or how they are developed? This virtual public lecture is an opportunity to answer your questions and access scientific information on COVID-19 vaccines, and how vaccines work in general, from the… Read more

Dr Chandra Balaratnasingam discusses new children’s clinic on Bumma Bippera radio

Dr Balaratnasingam was recently featured on Bumma Bippera radio to discuss a new children’s clinic that will revolutionise diabetic eye treatment. The clinic is a collaboration between the Lions Eye Institute and Perth’s Children Hospital and will facilitate the development of new therapies to reverse sight-threatening complications due to diabetic retinopathy. Read more here.

Carrie-Anne’s story

“It’s very, very scary – I don’t want to lose my sight.” Carrie-Anne will never forget her terrible shock the day she realised her eyesight was failing. On holiday with her daughter and boyfriend, she’d been enjoying the scenery from the car window. “I said, ‘look at those bunnies’ – but they were actually tree… Read more

“West Aussie Greats” Ian Constable interview on 6PR radio

Professor Ian Constable was recently featured on 6PR’s “West Aussie Greats” segment, where he gave a brief overview of his career as a leading ophthalmologist in Australia. Professor Constable was the first listener-nominated interviewee on the show since the segment began, and discussed founding the Lions Eye Institute in 1983. In the interview he also… Read more

International Glaucoma Genetics Consortium publishes the largest ever study on genes causing glaucoma

The International Glaucoma Genetics Consortium, chaired by Professor David Mackey at the Lions Eye Institute, has just published the largest ever study on the genes causing glaucoma. Using data from over 34,179 glaucoma patients from studies around the world, the team identified 127 genes, of which 44 were new discoveries. This opens pathways for developing… Read more

The Lions Eye Institute launches new Consumer and Community Advisory Panel

The Lions Eye Institute is delighted to announce the launch of our new consumer and community initiative – the Consumer and Community Advisory Panel (CCAP). The CCAP is a panel that will provide guidance on topics relating to clinical services, clinical trials, research, teaching, communications and community events. The panel includes patients, participants from our… Read more

Lions Eye Institute’s newest Brian King Fellow

Meet Dr Jessica Mountford, one of the Lions Eye Institute’s newest team members. Jessica moved from Melbourne to join the Institute in February, and will be investigating the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on myopia in our children. We interviewed Jessica to gain a little more insight about her research and life during the Melbourne… Read more

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a collection of rare degenerative eye disorders that typically occur in people that have a family history of the disease. In people with RP, cells in the back of the retina start to break down causing gradual vision loss. These cells detect light and send signals to the brain – this… Read more

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