500th research paper milestone for Professor David Mackey AO

Professor David Mackey AO is a contributing author on his 500th research publication, “A saturated map of common genetic variants associated with human height”, a feat that has only been accomplished by few in Western Australia.

Professor Mackey has been contributing to peer reviewed research papers for over 30 years. The very first was published back in 1989 called “X-linked megalocornea: close linkage to DXS87 and DXS94” that explored a link between children with larger eyes and the prevalence of glaucoma in later life.

Finding inspiration in genetics

Professor Mackey is a renowned international researcher in the genetics of eye disease and the world’s most published author in glaucoma genetics. He was first inspired to follow a path into genetics when his fifth-grade teacher asked him to complete a family tree and he asked his mother about his genetic background and history. The curiosity spark was ignited and his profession in this area followed when he was at university. After studying in America he started the first ever glaucoma inheritance study in Tasmania.

Dedicated to eye research

Professor Mackey is heavily involved in research, regularly publishing peer reviewed research articles and looking for new ways to tackle genetic eye disease. He recently attended the RANZCO (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists) with colleagues from the Lions Eye Institute and gave a lecture with his team on the genetics of glaucoma. These publications are a vital part of the research process, enabling other scientists to reflect and build on the outcomes.

He has also been involved in a study called the Raine Study that takes place in Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Norfolk Island and is Australia’s longest running public health study. It is one of the most successful and extensive studies of pregnancy, childhood, and adulthood anywhere in the world. Over 30 years this collaborative study has gathered the scientific data of over five million people, which has contributed to improving the lifelong health of people around the world through ground-breaking and impactful research.

This milestone is a great achievement for Professor Mackey. His professional investment into glaucoma genetics and the genetics of eye disease is truly commendable.

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