Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day

Friday, 20 May 2022 is International Clinical Trials Day

We would like to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day by recognising the significant contribution made by the trial participants who volunteer to be a part of a trial, and also the dedicated multidisciplinary clinical trials team who together make clinical trials possible at the Lions Eye Institute.

Clinical trials at the Lions Eye Institute

Here at the Lions Eye Institute we are passionate about our clinical trials. We conduct research into rare and common debilitating eye conditions with a vision to provide better vision for all by preventing and curing blindness.

Find out more about clinical trials at the Lions Eye Institute.

Career opportunities

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the importance of clinical trials, and has also increased the demand for clinical trials in many disciplines, with ophthalmology included. Do you know someone looking for their next career move? There are opportunities available for those who would like to consider a career in clinical trials. Advertised positions are available on our website careers page or enquire by emailing recruitment@lei.org.au.

Some of the Clinical Trials team at the Lions Eye Institute.



Did you know?

James Lind was a Scottish doctor credited with conducting one of the first ever clinical trials. He developed the theory that citrus fruits cured scurvy.

We’ve come a long way since surgeon mate James Lind conducted what is thought to have been the first-ever clinical trial, aboard a tall ship patrolling the English Channel, in May 1747. Acting on a hunch, Lind treated the ship’s crew who were dying from scurvy, historically known to have killed more seamen than French and Spanish arms combined, with things he had available onboard, including vinegar, herbal tinctures, and citrus fruits. Surprisingly, the two men who received only oranges and lemons were almost completely recovered after only six days, one of whom was then appointed nurse to the rest of the sick.

It’s amazing to reflect on how clinical research has come in just a few hundred years since James Lind’s simple but ground breaking experiment.

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