Dr Danuta Sampson writes a special children’s book about vision

Senior research fellow and 2023 SPIE Diversity Outreach Award winner Dr Danuta Sampson has co-authored a book called “Jesse Explores: Vision and Vision Impairment” about a child called Jesse who lives with his grandma and sister, both of whom have vision loss. The book explores how eyesight works, how the eyes and the brain work together to help people see, and the different conditions that can lead to vision loss or impairment.

Dr Danuta Sampson and her new book ‘Jesse Explores: Vision and Vision Impairment’.

Dr Sampson believes that education empowers children, and they can learn through listening to stories, looking at pictures and undertaking hands on activities. The book includes activities, optical illusions, 3D glasses and a fun code cracking guide to the Braille alphabet and raises awareness about vision impairment and its challenges.

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