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Second sight, a visually impaired artist’s perspective and expression

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Second sight, a visually impaired artist’s perspective and expression

Ellen is a passionate botanist, talented artist and PhD graduate from Albany. Being diagnosed with two detached retinas by the Lions Outback Vision mobile clinic in 2019 changed Ellen’s world drastically.

In the space of a year she has overcome two urgent retinal detachment repairs and two cataract surgeries. Both cataract operations were delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19’s effect on elective surgeries.

To Ellen, it’s all about perspective. During the extended wait for surgery, while her eye sight continued to deteriorate, her passion for botanical illustrations did not. With minimal vision, Ellen began exploring her fiancé Phil’s property using a hand-held GPS. Immersing herself in ‘plein-air’ landscape painting, she recreated what she saw and the results are incredible.

Not only do these types of eye conditions challenge the physical aspects of life, but the mental ones too. People like Ellen are an inspiration to us all and are the reason the Lions Eye Institute is so passionate about our research. Together we fight to save sight.

Ellen is holding an exhibition for her artworks called Second-Sight from October 13 to 30 at the Albany Historic Whaling Station.

WHEN: 9.00am to 5.00pm, 13 to 30 October 2020
WHERE: Albany Historic Whaling Station, 81 Whaling Station Road, Torndirrup

Ellen’s View Camera View Ellen’s Painting

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