The Hon Ken Wyatt AM continues support to establish a new Midland Eye Clinic

Professor Bill Morgan, Managing Director of the Lions Eye Institute, showing The Hon Ken Wyatt AM around the lab.

The Hon Ken Wyatt AM, Member for Hasluck and Minister for Indigenous Australians, used a recent visit to the Lions Eye Institute to continue his whole-hearted support of a proposal to establish a new Midland Eye Clinic.

The Lions Eye Institute has submitted a proposal to State and Federal Governments for support for a state-of-the-art, specialist eye health clinic in Midland, an initiative that has Mr Wyatt’s support.

“A new Lions Eye Institute Midland Eye Clinic will deliver regular eye check-ups and also treat chronic conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration- three conditions causing 75% of all blindness,” says Mr Wyatt.

Lions Eye Institute Chief Executive Officer, Dr Glen Power, says support for a specialist centre in Midland will allow world-class eye health care for those living in the area.

“A specialist eye facility in that area would allow us to provide around 18,000 additional eye health services each year and greatly reduce the pressure on public health systems, in what is one of the state’s fastest growing corridors,” says Dr Power.

You can support Mr Wyatt and the Lions Eye Institute by signing the petition here.

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