The Lions Eye Institute features in Australia’s Nobel Laureates

The Lions Eye Institute has been featured in volume 3 of the acclaimed book Australia’s Nobel Laureates, a series of essays and articles from thought and industry leaders on the state and future of Australian science and innovation.

The book, published in 2021, highlights the Lions Eye Institutes’ efforts to make sight-saving interventions more accessible, while emphasising our commitment to science and research which has produced a number of new treatments and medical devices. In our article on page 512, read about the advances we are making into providing eye health care in the outback.

Learn about our progress towards developing a potentially revolutionary way to measure brain fluid pressure with a portable hand held device, an important step toward future space travel to Mars. This device aims to be able to measure the brain pressure of astronauts and minimise the negative effects of intercranial pressure caused by extended periods of time spent in space.

Read your free digital copy of Australia’s Nobel Laureates or click the image below for the Lions Eye Institute’s article on page 512. The digital version is updated every few months with new content.


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