Lions Laser Vision

Lions Laser Vision

Lions Laser Vision prides itself on its expertise and experience, and has been changing people’s outlook on life for decades.

The first laser eye centre in Western Australia to perform the LASIK procedure, Lions Laser Vision boasts internationally trained surgeons and friendly, professional staff. Dr Steve Wiffen, Dr Andrea Ang and Dr Evan Wong have been providing safe and effective surgery for Australians for many years, using precision equipment and the latest diagnostics and treatment technologies.

Lions Laser Vision uses the most advanced laser technology, including the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS excimer laser – the first to be brought to Western Australia – and the first SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser in Australia.

LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, which is a technique using the SCHWIND ATOS to create a partial thickness flap of the cornea, and then the excimer laser to reshape the surface beneath the flap. LASIK is performed as an outpatient procedure.

SmartSight is the latest type of laser eye surgery available today. It is safe, gentle and precise, giving you the best possible vision in the least amount of time. Visual recovery and comfort after the procedure are excellent, and it is less invasive than other forms of laser eye surgery.

Lions Laser Vision also performs PRK laser eye surgery, which is done rather than LASIK if a patient’s cornea is too thin, or if there are problems with the surface of the cornea. PRK stands for PhotoRefractive Keratectomy and is a form of laser refractive surgery in which the shape of the cornea is changed using an excimer laser.

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