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Kealan and Eamon’s Story

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Kealan and Eamon’s Story

Bronwyn and Andrew Doak’s two youngest sons, Eamon and Kealan were born profoundly deaf. Unfortunately, this was only the first symptom of a rare condition called Usher syndrome that will eventually rob their little boys of sight. Only a medical breakthrough can save them from a life of deafness and blindness.

Usher syndrome is exceptionally rare and cruel. Babies are born deaf, and towards their teens they become affected by an eye disorder called retinitis pigmentosa (RP) that causes night-blindness, loss of peripheral vision (or tunnel vision) and, eventually, blindness.

There is no known treatment. Yet. But there is hope.

The Doak family and Lions Eye Institute are fundraising for a research ‘Robot’ to help speed up research into Usher Syndrome. But we need your help.

You might wonder why the Lions Eye Institute is dedicating such time and resources to a syndrome that is so rare. Dr Chen has the answer:
“Inherited retinal diseases are rare individually, but collectively they are the leading cause of blindness in the working-age population
throughout the western world.”

In other words, if we can find the answers to help two little boys, one day we might be able to help millions, young and old.

As Bronywn says, “One day, when my boys are old enough to understand, I might have to explain that they will go blind. But until that day, I’ll use every bit of my energy fighting for their sight.

You never know what medical breakthrough is just around the corner.”

Please donate to the Lions Eye Institute to fund the research robot and help researchers find the answers Bronwyn and Andrew so desperately hope for.

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