EyeCool Therapeutics Study (protocol number: ETX4143-A001)

EyeCool Therapeutics Study (protocol number: ETX4143-A001)

This study is testing a new novel treatment for ocular discomfort in participants with moderate to severe eye pain.  This new therapy has the potential to provide a novel way of managing eye pain in addition to using our existing treatments.

The treatment is called ETX4143 2.0, it involves placing a cooling device on your eye.

The procedure will be performed in the clinic or procedure room by placing the device onto the surface of the eye for less than 10 minutes.

Topical cooling has a well-established association with reducing peripheral nerve sensitivity. EyeCool Therapeutics is evaluating a novel mechanism to reduce the discomfort associated with chronic ocular surface diseases.

To be included in this study participants should have at least moderate ocular surface discomfort (dryness, discomfort, grittiness, itchiness, burning, stabbing, shooting, or aching pain) that significantly improves with application of topical anesthetic drops in the to-be-treated eye, as per investigator assessment.

Participation in the trial consists of 8 visits: screening, treatment, and 6 follow-up visits over 8 weeks.

Participants will be reimbursed the cost of any reasonable travel, parking, meals, time spent, and other expenses associated with the research project visits and requirements.


Principal Investigator: Dr Evan Wong

Study Coordinator: Victoria Mendis

ANZCTR Identifier ACTRN12622001113741P


You may visit Clinical Trial Registry at https://www.anzctr.org.au/ for more information regarding ETX4143-A001 study.

To enquire further about this study, please contact the Lions Vision Trials team on (08) 9381 0777, or email lionsvisiontrials@lei.org.au.

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