PYC Natural History Study (VP001-CL001)

PYC Natural History Study (VP001-CL001)

The purpose of this non-interventional, observational study is to characterize the natural history of subjects identified with PRPF31 mutation-associated retinal dystrophy, also called retinitis pigmentosa type 11, or RP11.

Assessments will be completed to measure and evaluate structural and functional visual changes including those impacting patient quality of life associated with this inherited retinal condition and observing how these changes evolve over time.

The potential benefit of this study is advancement in the understanding of the presentation and clinical course of PRPF31 mutation–associated retinal dystrophy, as well as best practices for evaluating patients with this condition.

Principal investigator: Associate Professor Fred Chen

Trial registry number: NCT05573984

To enquire further about this study, please contact the Lions Vision Trials team on (08) 9381 0777, or email lionsvisiontrials@lei.org.au.

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