Professor Steve Cringle

Professor Cringle’s contribution to ophthalmic research covers the fields of retinal oxygen metabolism, laser therapy, vascular biology, disease models, mathematical modelling, new drainage devices for glaucoma management, and laser applications in intraocular surgery. He has extensive physics training and experience in oxygen sensitive microelectrode studies.

Education/academic qualifications/roles responsibilities

  • Physics degree with first class honours
  • PhD in ocular physiology
  • Professor, The University of Western Australia

Grants/scholarships/funding overview

  • Consecutive NHMRC grants for more than 20 years, including project, development and program grants.
  • Major ARC funding through a Centre of Excellence in Vision Science grant.
  • Joint NIH grant 2017
  • Total career competitive funding in excess of $20 million

Research Activity

In recent years Professor Cringle has achieved success in the microfistula project (development of a gel stent for drainage in glaucoma patients, the XEN®) that has translated from laboratory-based research through to clinical trials and major commercialisation. He has worked in collaboration with organisations around the world, including Alcon (USA), Novartis (Switzerland) and Heidelberg Engineering (Germany) to provide access to new technologies and techniques. He has published more than 150 papers in high quality journals.

Leading Publications

  1. Cringle SJ, Yu D-Y(2018). Regulation of oxygen tension in the mammalian retina during systemic hyperoxia is species dependent. In Oxygen Transport to Tissue XL. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology), Springer. (Accepted 27 Nov 2017).
  2. Yu D-Y, Yu PK, Cringle SJ, Kang MH, Su E-N (2014). Functional and morphological characteristics of the retinal and choroidal vasculature. Progress in Retina and Eye Research. 40:53-93.
  3. Yu D-Y, Cringle SJ, Balaratnasingam C, Morgan WH. Yu PK, Su E-N (2013) Retinal ganglion cells: Energetics, compartmentation, axonal transport, cytoskeletons and vulnerability. Progress in Retina and Eye Research. 36:217-46.
  4. Yu D-Y, Su E-N, Cringle SJ, Morgan WH, McAllister IL, Yu PK (2016). Local modulation of retinal vein tone. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 57(2):412-419
  5. Yu D-Y, Morgan WH, Su E-N, Cringle SJ (2016). Importance ofthe monitoring and modulating subconjunctival tissue after glaucoma.filtration surgery. Journal ofTranslational Research.
  6. 203):164-169

To read more publications from this researcher, go to https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.

Professor Steve Cringle
Professor Steve Cringle

Glaucoma, Diabetic & Vascular Retinopathies,

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