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Outback Vision

Regional Ophthalmology Redefined.

As measures are strengthened to ensure the containment of the COVID-19 virus we continue to work within those guidelines to ensure the safety of all our patients.

Some of these restrictions have meant a review of how we service our regional patients and at this time the Lions Outback Vision Van has returned to Perth until services can resume, and our Visiting Optometry Services to remote communities are on hold.

We are fully committed to ensuring the safety of all our regional and remote patients and will continue to work towards resumption of services as soon as practicable.

For any urgent issues please contact the Lions Outback Vision office on (08) 9381 0802 or info@outbackvision.com.au;

Lions Outback Vision aims to address the unique challenges of delivering quality specialist eye health care to regional, remote and Indigenous communities across our state with the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable models of service delivery.

Visit www.outbackvision.com.au

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Lions Outback Vision

Delivering specialist eye health care to regional and remote communities

Lions Outback Vision is directed by McCusker Director Associate Professor Angus Turner and aims to improve eye health through better access to specialist services in regional Western Australian communities.

Outback vision includes a team of ophthalmologists and optometrists who undertake clinical work, administrative support staff, an Aboriginal Eye Health Coordinator, and medical students involved in projects and research.

Patients living in remote communities continue to have limited access to eye health care and also have a higher burden of blindness and impaired vision – particularly Indigenous populations. Lions Outback Vision strives to improve access to eye health in the regions through innovative service delivery, strong relationships with community health service providers and collaboration with community stakeholders and partners.

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