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Patient Information

What to expect for your visit

Thank you for choosing Lions Eye Institute for your eye health care needs. Our goal is to make your first visit as pleasant and informative as possible.

The Institute is set up to be a comprehensive ophthalmic facility where you may have several diagnostic tests and even some treatment during your first visit. The reason is that several blinding eye diseases respond best to early identification and treatment. Every patient is different and this with the referral of emergency cases to us by many health services means that we cannot reliably guarantee the accuracy of appointment times.

What will happen when you attend for an appointment

  • The Pre Admission Clerical and nursing staff will review your health history and ask you any relevant questions at arrival.
  • Ophthalmologist may order a number of diagnostic tests to be carried out. Following these tests you may have your treatment.
  • Depending on the reason that you are attending the Institute you may have pupil dilating drops administered that allows the Ophthalmologists to have a good look at the back of your eye. These drops keep your eye dilated, and vision blurry for a number of hours. You may need to have someone drive you home, or take a taxi/ public transport. We also recommend that you bring sunglasses with you to your appointment as the eye drops may make your eyes sensitive to the suns glare.
  • If you have a procedure performed (e.g. eyelid lump removal) you may have the eye padded. If so you should not drive home.

What do you need to bring to your appointment

  • It is your responsibility to bring a current referral from your General Practitioner/ Specialist or Optometrist. In order to claim a rebate from Medicare Australia you must provide this referral at your first appointment. Please be aware that referrals from other specialists only last for 3 months.
  • Any medications or list of current medications, including complimentary medicines
  • Your Medicare card
  • Private Health Insurance card.
  • Pension or concession card (if applicable)
  • Veteran Affairs card (if applicable)
  • If you are diabetic we suggest that you bring along a small snack and insulin if required as you may be here for several hours
  • Your General Practitioner contact details

How long will the appointment take

  • Generally, the appointment will take between 1-3 hours.
  • If you are booked to undergo tests it may take up to three hours.

How much will it cost

  • The Lions Eye Institute is a private medical practice so you will receive an account following your consultation and treatment. There may be a number of tests that the ophthalmologist has requested for you which may be charged for and there will be no reimbursement from Medicare. The Ophthalmologist will discuss the test with you.
  • The Ophthalmologist may request payment on the day of treatment. The account can be presented to Medicare Australia for reimbursement of the Medicare portion of your bill.
  • For further information regarding possible fees and out of pocket expenses, please contact your Ophthalmologist’s secretary (link to Dr’s offices)

Parking and FAQs

  • All parking within the QEII Medical Campus grounds is paid parking.
  • For all information on parking and other FAQs please click here.

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