General FAQs

What will happen when I go to my appointment?

  • The clerical and nursing staff will review your details, health history and ask you any relevant questions at arrival
  • The ophthalmologist may order a number of diagnostic tests to be carried out. Our staff will conduct these tests so the results are available for the doctor.
  • Depending on the reason that you are attending the Lions Eye Institute, you may have pupil dilating drops administered that allows the ophthalmologists to have a good look at the back of your eye. These drops keep your eye dilated, and vision blurry for a number of hours. You may need to have someone drive you home, or take a taxi/ public transport. We also recommend that you bring sunglasses with you to your appointment as the eye drops may make your eyes sensitive to the suns glare.
  • The ophthalmologist may commence some treatments during your initial consult. Some treatments may require further appointments or bookings.
  • If you have a procedure performed (e.g. eyelid lump removal) you may have the eye padded. If so you should not drive home.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring the following:

  • Your current referral from your general practitioner, optometrist or specialist. In order to claim a rebate from Medicare, you must provide this referral at your first appointment.
  • A list of current medications, including complementary medicines.
  • A list of your known allergies.
  • Medicare card.
  • Private health insurance card or details.
  • Pension or concession card (if applicable).
  • Veteran Affairs card (if applicable).
  • If you are diabetic, we suggest you bring along a small snack and insulin if required.

If you’re a workers’ compensation patient:

  • Written confirmation of approval from your insurer.
  • Relevant claim numbers and documentation.

How long will my appointment take?

  • Generally, appointments take between one and three hours.
  • If you are scheduled to have tests, you should allow up to three hours.
  • We always try to keep appointment times however delays may occur.

How much will it cost?

  • The Lions Eye Institute is a private medical practice, so you will receive an account after your consultation and treatment. There may be a number of tests that the ophthalmologist has requested for you which may be charged for and there will be no reimbursement from Medicare. The ophthalmologist will discuss the test with you.
  • Your ophthalmologist will request payment on the day of treatment. You can present your account to Medicare for reimbursement of the Medicare portion.
  • For more information about possible fees and out-of-pocket expenses, please contact your ophthalmologist’s secretary.

Where will I park?

  • Parking at our Nedlands and Murdoch clinics is paid parking.

Parking at the Nedlands clinic
The Lions Eye Institute Nedlands clinic is located in the grounds of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (also known as the Queens Elizabeth II Medical Centre – QEIIMC) on the corner of Verdun Street and Gairdner Drive, Nedlands.

There are seven 15-minute drop-off and pick-up bays available outside the Lions Eye Institute entrance.

The closest parking to the Lions Eye Institute entrance is:

  • Underground parking under the Cancer Centre on Gairdner Drive, diagonally opposite the Institute.
  • Visitor parking in the multi-story parking lot, accessible via Winthrop Avenue.
  • Alternative parking is along Hospital Avenue, and off Monash Avenue.

All parking within the QEIIMC grounds is paid parking.

Motorcycle parking is free in the multi-deck car park and around the campus.

All parking is managed by Wilson Parking. Please call (08) 9388 2546 for all parking enquiries.

See our campus parking map for further information.

Parking at the Murdoch clinic
The Lions Eye Institute Murdoch clinic is in the Murdoch Medical Centre, 100 Murdoch Drive, Murdoch.

For drop-off/pick-up and parking:

  • Enter via GATE 1 off Barry Marshall Parade
  • Patient drop-off/pick-up location is MURDOCH CLINIC
  • Paid parking is available in car parks P1, P2, P3 and P4
  • ACROD parking is available – fees apply

There is paid parking on the grounds outside the clinic.

See our campus parking map for further information.

Parking at the Midland clinic
The Lions Eye Institute Midland clinic is in the Midland Specialist Centre, 81 Yelverton Drive, Midland.

For drop-off/pick-up and parking:

  • Paid parking is available in the City of Swan car park to the left of the Midland Specialist Centre building ($1.70 per hour). Enter from Yelverton Drive.
  • Paid ACROD parking is also available
  • The best location for patient drop-off/pick-up is in the car park

See our parking map for further information.

Is there any disability parking available at Lions Eye Institute?

Nedlands, Murdoch and Midland clinics
Yes, ACROD parking bays are available at several locations near all Lions Eye Institute clinics. Visitor parking fees apply to all ACROD bays. View our parking maps below which show all ACROD bays.

Wheelchair access
The Lions Eye Institute is accessible to wheelchair users.

At our Nedlands clinic, wheelchairs are available for patient use. Please call the Lions Eye Institute reception on 08 9381 0777.

There are seven 15-minute drop-off and pick-up bays available outside the Lions Eye Institute Nedlands entrance to use when collecting your wheelchair.

What public transport can I use to get to Lions Eye Institute?

There are plenty of public transport options for visitors to Lions Eye Institute. Download our Public Transport Information page for a full list of the current bus and train routes that run to and from our clinics.

Plan your journey – Transperth has a journey planning tool online which you can access yourself.

You can also check out an app called moovit to plan your journey.


At Nedlands, timetables and further information are available from the TravelSmart Junction, E Block, Ground Floor, QEIIMC.

Drop in, call 08 9346 2927, or email MCTravelsmart@health.wa.gov.au

The QEIIMC campus has a buggy service ‘Charlies Chariots’ which is available to all patients, and operates between car parks 1 and 5 regularly from 9am to 4pm weekdays. Call 0481 438 731 to arrange a collection.


At Murdoch, the Murdoch train and busport are within easy walking distance, while buses travel along Barry Marshall Parade from the Murdoch train station every five to 10 minutes.


At Midland, the Midland train station is a five minute walk away.

Transperth bus route 301 runs from Midland train station to St John of God (SJOG) Hospital Midland and back again. The nearest stop to the Lions Eye Institute clinic is stop ID 27380 on Centennial Place (outside SJOG Hospital). The clinic is a two minute walk from the bus stop.

Do I need a referral to see a clinician at the Lions Eye Institute?

Yes. All clinicians at the Institute require a current referral from either a GP, optometrist or specialist.

How long does my referral stay current for?

Referral expiry dates vary depending on who has written the referral. It’s important to make sure your referral is valid prior to your appointment. Expired referrals will delay your appointment. See referral timeframes below:

  • a. GP: 12 months
  • b. Optometrist: 12 months
  • c. Specialist: 3 months

If you have any questions regarding your referral and its expiration, please contact your ophthalmologist.

How long will my appointment take?

As a general rule, we ask all patients to allow up to three hours for their appointment. This includes parking and waiting times, plus any tests and treatments you may need.

The actual appointment time will vary depending on your medical needs. Each appointment is tailored to suit the individual.

A free wi-fi service is available for all patients at our Nedlands and Murdoch clinics. There is also a café in the lobby at our Nedlands clinic and a café close by at Murdoch.

Can I buy refreshments at Lions Eye Institute?

Yes, at our Nedlands clinic. Coffee Biz Café & Lounge is located on the ground floor of the Lions Eye Institute at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital/QEII Medical Campus. It sells a range of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and cakes.

Am I eligible for a concession or Medicare rebate?

All Lions Eye Institute ophthalmologists operate independently and therefore have different pricing structures. It is best to contact your ophthalmologist prior to your appointment for information about Medicare rebates and concession discounts.

What does an appointment with an ophthalmologist cost?

Because every patient presents with different medical needs, the duration of each appointment and the level of treatment required will vary and be reflected in the cost. It is best to contact your ophthalmologist for an estimated cost prior to your appointment.

What does eye surgery cost?

There are various types of surgical procedures performed at the Institute. Because each patient presents with different medical requirements, each treatment is individually tailored, so surgery costs are assessed on each specific case. Please contact your clinician for an estimated cost.

Can I drive after my eye surgery?

There are many different types of surgical procedures performed at the Lions Eye Institute, all with varying recovery times. As a general rule, it is advisable to arrange a lift to and from your surgery or consultation, depending on what you are coming to the Lions Eye Institute for. Many procedures involve the use of dilating eye drops, and possibly of some anaesthetic, so it’s advisable not to drive after any eye surgery or procedure.

Can I drive after my eye appointment?

As a general rule, it’s advisable to arrange a lift to and from your eye appointment. Depending on your eye condition, you may have dilating eye drops administered and it’s advisable not to drive after your appointment.

Is there accommodation available for Lions Eye Institute patients and families?

There are various accommodation options located near The Lions Eye Institute and in the surrounding suburbs. A list of these options is available from the reception desk.

Please note that the Institute is not affiliated with any of the properties listed. Patients must arrange their own bookings.

Where can I buy a Lions Christmas cake or pudding?

The Lions Eye Institute is not currently selling Lions Christmas cakes or puddings.

Please refer to the Lions Clubs website for more information on where to buy Lions Christmas cakes and puddings.

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