Ocular Inflammation

Ocular Inflammation

Inflammation of the eye and surrounding tissues can have a variety of causes, including allergens, trauma, immune conditions, lifestyle changes or contact lens use. However, the symptoms are generally similar and might include redness, swelling, itching, blurred vision or eye pain.

Uveitis is a potentially sight-threatening condition affecting various parts of the eye, including the uvea, that can be caused by infections and might be associated with an underlying systemic disease. Uveitis requires urgent treatment as it can lead to scarring or blindness.

Eye inflammation can also be due to optic neuritis (optic nerve inflammation), keratitis (corneal inflammation), scleritis (scleral inflammation) or conjunctivitis.

In diagnosing and treating ocular inflammation, our experienced specialists will review your medical history and conduct a range of non-invasive tests and procedures. Blood tests might be necessary to see if an infection or other condition is triggering the eye condition.

Treatment for eye inflammation includes eye drops, steroid medications, antibiotics or anti-viral medicine, immunosuppressant therapy or corticosteroid implants.

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