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Research Centre

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Clinical Trials

Our patients benefit by receiving the most advanced treatment available anywhere in the world. In many cases, patients with specific eye disorders are given access to new treatments before they are available to the general public.

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Experimental Immunology

Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti
The central focus of the general immunology research in Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti’s group at LEI is to determine the key cellular and molecular interactions that occur in response to viral infection.

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Genetics and Epidemiology

Professor David Mackey
Professor David Mackey oversees LEI’s Clinical Genetics and Epidemiology department. He has spent 20 years studying the genetics of the optic nerve, with Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy the topic of his doctoral thesis.

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Professor Hunt and Dr Carvalho in the LEI laboratory

Retinal Genomics and Therapy

Dr Livia Carvalho
Building on over 10 years of collaborative research that started when Dr Carvalho pursed her PhD studies in Professor Hunt’s lab at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology in London, they are now working towards creating novel research platforms within the LEI to study inherited retinal degeneration, gene therapy and neuroprotective treatment approaches and photoreceptor cell death mechanisms.

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Ocular Tissue Engineering

Dr. Fred K Chen
Dr Fred Chen heads the Ocular Tissue Engineering Laboratory and the Functional Ocular Imaging Laboratory. He has gained international recognition in the field of retinal pigment epithelium transplantation, retinal-tracking microperimetry and spectral domain optical coherence tomography.

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Physiology and Pharmacology

Professor Dao-Yi Yu
The Physiology and Pharmacology Group is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of researchers studying the underlying physiology of some of the most important eye diseases in our community.

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Outback Vision

Assoc. Professor Angus Turner
Lions Outback Vision is directed by Associate Professor Angus Turner and aims to improve eye health in rural and remote Western Australian communities.

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Research Publications

Research and Fellowship Opportunities

The Lions Eye Institute is passionate about improving our understanding on the nature of eye diseases.

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