Celebrating 40 years at the Lions Eye Institute


In 2023, the Lions Eye Institute celebrates 40 years of preventing and curing blindness and eye disease.

Driven by its purpose to provide better vision for all, the Lions Eye Institute harnesses the expertise of award-winning researchers and clinicians who are globally recognised for their commitment to excellence.

The Institute was established in 1983 by Professor Ian Constable AO. A number of significant discoveries and inventions have helped to elevate the Institute’s global reputation, and proved the genesis for significant collaborations with leading national and international organisations.

These include the world’s first artificial cornea, the Barrett Universal II Formula, XEN® Gel Stent, the central retinal vein occlusion bypass laser surgery procedure and the excimer laser surgical system.

Download our 40 Pivotal Moments brochure to read more about key achievements from our last 40 years.

Watch Part 1: The early years at the Lions Eye Institute below.

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