Eye to Eye Photographic Competition

Eye to Eye Photographic Competition

In the Lions Eye Institute’s 40th year, please join us as we welcome you to submit your entries to the Eye to Eye Photographic Competition. 

About the competition

There is over $10,000 in cash and prizes to be won, so dust off your cameras and get creative with the four vision based categories!

Entry is open to Western Australian residents.

The Eye to Eye Photographic Competition will showcase photographic images related to eyes. The four categories in this competition are:

  • Human eye, window to the world: photos of the human eye in Western Australia.
  • Eagle eye: photos of animal eyes in Western Australia.
  • Seeing with the mind’s eye: unique perspectives on the world, including drawing attention to the plight of people living with vision impairment.
  • Seeing through a child’s eye: children’s (under 18) category with photos submitted being aligned with any of the adult category themes.

A bonus People’s Choice Award will be voted on by the public at an exhibition planned in March 2024, so get your entries in now to be considered!

Why a photographic competition? 

Photography is so connected with our visual senses and there is an inherent link between photography and eyes.

As eyes are our window to the world, so too are photographs a window into a photographer’s world. It is this theme that we would like to explore through the Eye to Eye Photographic Competition.

Taking this concept one step further, the scientific workings of an eye are often compared to a camera, with the pupil of the eye being like the aperture of the camera – regulating the amount of light entering the eye.  Focusing is done by the cornea and lens, while the retina is the light-sensitive tissue of the eye – like the film in traditional SLR cameras.

By bringing together the art of the photograph with the science of the eye, we hope to draw attention to eye health in a unique and engaging way.

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