Eye to Eye Photographic Gallery

Thank you to everyone who entered the Lions Eye Institute’s inaugural Eye to Eye Photographic Competition. The number and quality of entries were incredibly high, and the judges had their work cut out for them. A total of 85 images were selected as finalists. Congratulations to all of our entrants, finalists, those whose images were highly commended, and our winners.

View all of the finalist images below, and read about each image in the exhibition catalogue. To view each of the finalist images in greater detail, click on the image below and scroll through the gallery for each category.

Congratulations to the People’s Choice Award winner, Christian Horgan, with the image ‘Cloudy with a vision of you’ which was entered into the Seeing with the mind’s eye category.

Seeing through a child’s eye category

This award category aims to encourage young photographers (under the age of 18) to submit their photos of human eyes, animal eyes or unique perspectives on the world through their own eyes.


Sam Bayes: The eye of a gloomy octopus

Highly commended

Sophia MacKinnon: Doorway to my soul

Georgia Fields: The eyes capture it all

Eagle eye category

This award category is all about animal eyes, with a particular emphasis on animals living within Western Australia.


Ross Gudgeon: Map pufferfish eye

Highly commended

Tessa Ferraro: Meeting place

Mary Gudgeon: Shark eye

Ross Gudgeon: West Australian seahorse

Donald Chin: A rainbow bee eater’s catch

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Human eye, window to the world category

The human eye is the window to the world and this category showcases the human eye, different cultures, different shapes and colours of eyes, with a particular focus on people from Western Australia.


Mostafa Mozaffari: Worried eyes

Highly commended

Andrea Vose: Broad Arrow Mick

Bryan Freind: Untitled

Seeing with the mind’s eye category

This award category showcases unique perspectives on the world through the eye of the beholder or draws attention to the plight of people who live with vision impairment.


Beth Baker: A blurred world – beach towel hide and seek begins!

Highly commended

Christian Horgan: Cloudy with a vision of you

People’s Choice Award

Christian Horgan: Cloudy with a vision of you

Staff category

A number of staff at the Lions Eye Institute are keen amateur photographers. Staff and immediate family members of the Lions Eye Institute were invited to enter the competition via the staff category.


Vaibhav Shah: Estuarine crocodile eye to eye, Broome WA

Highly commended

Jonathan Alexis: Whiskered watcher: A domestic eagle eye amidst the urban wilderness

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