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The Clinical Trials Team at the Lions Eye Institute now has a new brand, a new name and a new logo. This is part of the rebranding initiative that launched in early March 2024 at the Lions Eye Institute. The newly minted Lions Vision Trials is powered by the same great team with the mission of translating research discoveries into new treatments for patients.

Director of Clinical Research, JoAnne Forrest, said the new brand initiative was driven by the need to establish a unique identity that better represents the capabilities and strengths of the team, both nationally and internationally.

“Our new branding supports our focus on building strong research collaborations. We are the same team that prides ourselves on quality, experience and excellence but with a new name and look,” she said.

Barry and Gillian recently completed a 12 month clinical trial managed by the team at Lions Vision Trials. The team is investigating the efficacy of a new drug to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The drug is delivered by intravitreal injection. It is already approved for treating some forms of cancer.

Gillian’s story

During a holiday in 2022, Gillian noticed the words on her Kindle were starting to look “zig-zagged”. What she was seeing just didn’t make sense. Her optometrist immediately referred her to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital where she was diagnosed with wet AMD in her right eye. Specialists informed her of a clinical trial at Lions Vision Trials.

“I was very willing to be part of the trial. I felt grateful to live in Perth and have access to that treatment,” she said.

“At the monthly appointments, I was very well cared for. The team was wonderful, very efficient and professional. We had a lot of laughs. They made what could have been an ordeal a very pleasant experience.”

“I wholeheartedly believe in clinical trials. Being involved is a privilege, and if we get the opportunity we certainly should because anything that helps others down the track is invaluable.”

Patient Barry

Barry’s story

Barry was referred to the Lions Eye Institute in late 2022 by his optometrist for suspected wet AMD in his left eye. He had experienced no obvious symptoms, however was previously diagnosed with dry AMD in both eyes. His treating ophthalmologist, Professor Chandra Balaratnasingam, informed him of a new treatment available through a clinical trial.

“I signed the papers straight away. I wasn’t happy with the diagnosis, and I wanted to find a treatment to stop the disease getting worse,” he said.

“The trial involved monthly visits to the clinic in Nedlands, usually around four hours long. Each visit involved a general check up, blood tests, scans, and the injection.”

“I was so impressed with the Lions Vision Trials team. We were all on a first name basis, they were very friendly. I couldn’t praise them enough.”

“The treatment appears to have halted any deterioration of my sight. I’m continuing to see Dr Balaratnasingam every eight to ten weeks.”

Want to know more about participating in clinical trials? Visit Lions Vision Trials, call (08) 9381 0777 or email lionsvisiontrials@lei.org.au.


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