Kidskin Study Follow-up

Kidskin Study Follow-up

The Western Australian Kidskin Study was a school-based intervention study that began in 1995. The study involved a cohort of children aged 5-6 years who were recruited from 33 primary schools in Perth. The Kidskin study aimed to design, implement and evaluate an intervention program intended to improve sun protection behaviour in young children.

This intervention resulted in a reduction in time spent outdoors and an increase in the use of sun protection whilst outdoors.

The aim of our research now is to gain knowledge from an existing cohort of young people whose outdoor activities and use of sun protection were assessed in childhood. We would like to investigate if this childhood intervention has influenced the development of myopia in early adulthood.

All previous participants of the Kidskin Study are eligible to partake in the Kidskin Study follow-up. Participation involves completing a free comprehensive eye examination and two questionnaires. If you would like to participate, please contact Magda Blaszkowska at MagdalenaBlaszkowska@lei.org.au

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