Professor Allison McKendrick

Professor Allison McKendrick is the Lions Eye Institute UWA Chair in Optometry Research. She is an AHPRA registered optometrist and has over 20 years of research experience related to vision and visual disorders. Her current research interests aim to improve clinical tests for measuring and monitoring vision disorders. She has specific interests in improving and developing new diagnostic techniques (particularly visual field assessment and its links to structural measures of the eye from ophthalmic imaging), in addition to improving understanding and management of the consequences of vision loss on performance in natural visual environments and day-to-day tasks.

Her research is applied to a variety of clinical disorders including glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular disorders, in addition to improving our understanding and measurement of age-related changes to vision with healthy ageing. She also has interests in neurological conditions that affect vision such as migraine and visual snow syndrome.

Education/academic qualifications

  • 2007: Postgraduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics, University of Melbourne
  • 1999: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne
  • 1994: Master of Science (Optometry), University of Melbourne
  • 1992: Bachelor of Science (Optometry), University of Melbourne

Current roles

  • Lions Eye Institute / University of Western Australia Chair of Optometry Research
  • Professorial Fellow, Optometry & Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • Secretary, Imaging and Perimetry Society
  • Associate Editor for journal Vision Research
  • Editorial Board Member for journal Translational Vision Science & Technology

Prior academic and professional service roles

  • 2018 – 2019: Medicare Benefits Schedule Review – Optometry Clinical Services Committee
  • 2017 – 2020: Deputy Head, Melbourne School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • 2016 – 2022: Professor, Optometry & Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne (teaching and research)
  • 2014 – 2021: Head of Department, Optometry and Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • 2010 – 2016: Director, Optometry Australia, National Board
  • 2010 – 2014: ARC Future Fellow, University of Melbourne
  • 2007 – 2022: Director, Optometry Victoria/South Australia
  • 2005 – 2010: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Optometry & Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • 2001 – 2004: NHMRC Australian Clinical Research Fellow, School of Psychology, The University of Western Australia
  • 1999 – 2000: Postdoctoral fellow, Devers Eye Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA

Grants/Fellowships/Funding overview

Nationally competitive grants

  • ARC Discovery DP190103141. Using visual science to reduce the dangers of night driving. 2019-2023 CIB $399,458
  • ARC Discovery DP180102596. Neural plasticity in older adult human vision. CIA 2018-2022. $406,258
  • ARC Linkage LP150100815 New, efficient tests that map both central and peripheral vision. CIB. 2015-2018. $299,118 (ARC), $105,000 (industry partner)
  • NHMRC Project GNT 1081874 Cortical excitation in migraine: using vision to understand and track brain excitability. CIA, 2015-2017, $502,000
  • ARC Discovery DP140100157 Centre-surround interactions in ageing human vision. Sole-CI. 2014-2016, $321,000
  • ARC Linkage LP130100055 Exploiting high resolution images of the retina to customise vision tests. CIB. 2013-2016, $211,000 (ARC); $90,000 (Industry partner)
  • ARC Future Fellowship FT0990930. Resolving multisensory conflict as we age: audio-visual integration and the role of normal and abnormal sensory decline. Sole-CI. 2009-2013; $688,000
  • ARC Linkage LP100100250. Smart algorithms for visual field assessment. CIB. 2010-2012. $210,000 (ARC), $75,000 (industry partner)
  • NHMRC Project GNT509208. Visual processing in migraine. CIA. 2008-2010. $322,000
  • ARC Discovery DP0877923. Understanding the consequences of normal aging on visual form perception. Sole-CI. 2008-2010. $100,000
  • NHMRC Project GNT353567. Characterising the changes in regulation of visual contrast sensitivity in glaucoma. CIA. 2005-2007. $334,000.
  • ARC Discovery DP04500820. Design and analysis of optimised algorithms for automated perimetry. CIB. 2004-2006. $151,000
  • NHMRC Australian Clinical Research Fellowship. FMRI and behavioural investigation of visual dysfunction in migraine. Sole-CI. 2001-2004. $220,000.

Philanthropic funding

  • Dementia Australia Research Grant. “Breaking down barriers to accessing dementia friendly eyecare”. Co-Investigator. 2021-2023. $90K
  • Victorian Optometry Training and Education Grant: “Improving Headache Screening in Optometry Practice”: Co-Investigator, 2018-2019, $7K
  • Kenneth Myer Charitable Fund: $110,000. 2017-2018. CIA.
  • Melbourne Neuroscience Institute Seeding Grant: “7T imaging of the eye”, 2018. CIA. ($26,000)
  • ANZ Medical Technology Victoria: 2006: CIA $26K
  • Raine Medical Research Foundation Priming Grant: “Vision after migraine: time course and localisation of deficits” CIA: 2003-2004 $52,000.
  • UWA Research Grants Scheme: “Do visual motion processing deficits in people with migraine influence their perception of where they are going?” 2004: CIA $17K
  • Kaye Merlin Brutton Bequest, University of Melbourne. “Adaptation effects involved in frequency doubling perimetry” 2005: CIB $17K

Industry funding

Allison has been engaged in contractual research with ophthalmic industry partners, to the value of approximately $650,000 in the past 10 years.

Leading publications

    1. Variability components of standard automated perimetry and frequency-doubling technology perimetry

    PGD Spry, CA Johnson, AM McKendrick, A Turpin

    Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 42 (6), 1404-1410

    1. Properties of perimetric threshold estimates from full threshold, ZEST, and SITA-like strategies, as determined by computer simulation

    A Turpin, AM McKendrick, CA Johnson, AJ Vingrys

    Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 44 (11), 4787-4795

    1. Visual field losses in subjects with migraine headaches

    AM McKendrick, AJ Vingrys, DR Badcock, JT Heywood

    Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 41 (5), 1239-1247

    1. Contrast sensitivity changes due to glaucoma and normal aging: low-spatial-frequency losses in both magnocellular and parvocellular pathways

    AM McKendrick, GP Sampson, MJ Walland, DR Badcock

    Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 48 (5), 2115-2122

    1. Motion processing deficits in migraine

    AM McKendrick, DR Badcock

    Cephalalgia 24 (5), 363-372

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Professor Allison McKendrick
Professor Allison McKendrick
Areas of Expertise

visual function, visual psychophysics, ophthalmic imaging.

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