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Eye safety

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Eye safety

Approximately 20-30%* of all workplace accidents result in eye injury, with most of these being preventable. Many eye injuries result in vision loss, which can be permanent.

It is important to protect your eyes from injury, at home and in the workplace, by wearing eye protection when necessary. Common causes of eye injury include: flying objects, tools and particles, chemical splashes and exposure to harmful radiation. Grinding, welding, hammering, and drilling are all common tasks that result in eye injuries, many other industries such as; construction, mining, manufacturing, fishing, forestry and agriculture, also require sufficient eye protection.

Injuries can still occur if eye protection is not fitted correctly, or isn’t appropriate for the task at hand. Careful consideration into the type of protection is imperative to avoid unforeseen injury.

* Work related eye injuries in Australia”, Australian Safety and Compensation Council, July 2008

Further information

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