WA ATOM Study – Myopia

WA ATOM Study – Myopia

Researchers from the Lions Eye Institute are currently recruiting school-aged children (6-16 years) with myopia to participate in a randomised controlled clinical trial on low dose atropine (0.01%) eye drops for the treatment of myopia progression.

The Singapore Atropine for the Treatment of Myopia (ATOM) trials (ATOM/ATOM2) were pivotal in demonstrating the effectiveness of low dose atropine in slowing myopia progression with minimal side effects in Asian children. Low dose atropine is now considered standard of care for myopia progression in many Asian countries.

There is evidence to suggest atropine is not as effective in Caucasian children in slowing myopia progression. There is also evidence to suggest increased outdoor activities and exposure to sunlight is protective against myopia. Perth has more hours of sunlight than any other Australian city and a sporting and outdoors culture that is in contrast to the highly urbanised and education focussed culture of Asian cities. The effect of low dose atropine in an Australian context has not been studied. This trial will provide us with the evidence to support the use of low dose atropine for Australian children with myopia.

Children aged 6 to 16 years old who have myopia (-1.50 dioptres or more) and who have confirmed myopic progression (≥ -0.50 dioptres over the last 12 months).

What does the trial involve?
The trial is a randomised double-blinded case-controlled study that will measure the effect of low dose atropine on myopia progression in Australian children. Participants will be randomly allocated to treatment with low dose atropine (0.01%) or placebo eye drops. The effect of treatment on myopia progression will be assessed after 3 years, including 1 year on no treatment (washout). Trial participants will be seen 3 times in the first year and twice yearly for the following 2 years.

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