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Sun exposure

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Sun exposure

It is known that both insufficient and excessive exposures to UV radiation are important contributors to the global burden of disease. Too much UV can cause chronic eye diseases such as pterygium, keratopathy, cataract and eyelid skin cancers.

It is important to protect your eyes from the suns UV rays by wearing sunglasses that meet the Australian Standard 1067: 2003 (sunglass category 2, 3 or 4) and have an eye protection factor of 10.

The Western Australian Eye Protection Study

The Lions Eye Institute are currently looking further into the affect UV has on the quality of vision by conducting a study called the Western Australian Eye Protection Study. West Australians involved in high levels of sun exposure, during sport, are being examined. The study investigates the UV levels to improve protection of sports participant’s eyes, whilst allowing enough outdoor time.

For further information, or to register your interest to participate, contact the study co-ordinator:

phone: +61 8 9381 0707
email: eyesports@nulllei.org.au

Further information

Clayfield Hoskin, A 2013, ‘Protecting Vision, Enhancing Performance – Why Sunglasses can’t be Eye Protectors but Eye Protectors can be Sunglasses’, Mitechnology, October, p. 54-56

Lions Eye Institute, 2013, ‘Eye Sports Protection Study‘, Lions Eye Institute Newsletter, Autumn

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